Electronic Theodolite

The Richest Lineup Ensuring Maximum Job Efficiency at Unparalleled Performance Levels

The SOKKIA DT series theodolites feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems, and proven automatic compensators. In addition to these essential technologies for angle measurement instruments, the SOKKIA DT series boasts the industry's highest IP66 dust and water protection capability to withstand the harshest worksite environments.

Common Features for All Models:

  • 2.5" - unsurpassed telescope resolving power*
  • IP66 - industry's highest dust/water protection
  • Absolute encoders
  • Lightweight
  • Standard LR6/AA batteries
  • Up to 170 hours of operating time

Exclusive Features for the Laser Models:

  • 200m (660ft) - long-range laser pointer
  • 0.4mm@10m - ultra-small beam spot

PIE Digital Electronic Theodolite, Model DT-23/DET-23, with following specifications.


    • Absolute encode angle measurement system.
    • Special design with single horizontal spindle cross telescope, horizontal and vertical spindle concentric.
    • Laser centre point, convenient to working.
    • Superior water-proof feature, regardless of bad weather.


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