Wheel Diameter Gauges

rer-wheel-1Wheel Diameter Gauges are used for measuring the diameter of wheels of carriages , wagons and locos accurately. Mechanical and Digital Models having different accuracies are available for use on open wheels & in- situ wheel sets.


Least Count = 1.0mm

MODEL WD-1 rer-wheel-2

Least Count = 0.1mm

MODEL WD-1(M) fitted with micrometer

Least Count = 0.01mm

MODEL WD-1(D) fitted with dial

Least Count = 0.01mm

MODEL WD-2(D) rer-wheel-3

Measuring accuracy = ± 0.6mm


Measuring accuracy = ± 0.2 to ± 0.5 mm
Gives direct reading of wheel diameter
on Digital Display .

Models WD-2(D) & WD-2(E) gauges are suitable for coupled wheel sets.


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