Versine Measuring Kits

ret-versine-1It is a handy tool for measurement of horizontal alignment and laying curves. Model VK-1 consists of two holders , cord and a versine scale. Another advanced model VK-2 is also available.It gives better accuracy and can be used by a single person.

PIE Brand Versine Measuring Kit Model VK-1, consisting of a pair of versine holders, versine scale, nylon cord on winder, complete in Cordura case, suitable for measuring versines of Railway Curves and Horizontal alignment.

ret-versine-2 Model VK-2

PIE brand export quality Versine Measuring Kit Model VK 2 consisting of a pair of rail mounting brackets, Versine scale with a Nylon cord on winder in padded Cordura case. Alignment accuracy obtained by using this device is < 1 mm.

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