Prismatic Compass

PIE Brand Prismatic Compasses are made from virgin gun metal precisely graduated with engraved figures, aluminium dial, tempered alloy steel magnetic needle, good agate centre, automatic lifter and damper, focusing slide. These are supplied complete in slinged leatherite case with aluminium tubular rigid stand.


sc-compasses-1Brunton Compass Model BTC - 1 designed for mine and geological survey, serving all purposes of Prismatic compass and clinometer , having advantage of measuring horizontal angle on steps and sloping grounds made of virgin non magnetic metal with precisely graduated dial with induction damped needle, 0 – 360 degree, in leather case.


Technical Data :

Damping time of needle : < 14 seconds
Dial Scale : 1°
Size : 80 X 70 X 35 ( mm )
Weight : 250 Grams

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