Hammers and Picks




The Estwing Manufacturing Company has its headquarters in Rockford, Illinois. The company is manufacturing a variety of tools, like axes, pry bars, nail hammers, bricklayer tools, drywall hammers, geologist’s hammers, roofing tools, and various specialty equipment. Trademark of Estwing products is that each tool is being made of one solid piece of hardened steel for exceptional strength and durability.

On top of this, each Estwing hammer comes with a shock reduction grip. This shock reduction grip provides a firm grip and reduces vibrations caused by impact, providing comfort and durability. The grips are made of nylon vinyl or soft leather for an ergonomically proper handling.

Estwing is producing a special hammer for geologists, archeologists and paleontologists. The hammer comes in two sizes, one 14 oz. light, the other one 22 oz. Like all hammers, this one is equipped with the nylon vinyl grip, which is molded and promises not to come off. One side of the “Rock Pick” is pointed and allows exact handling of the hammer.

We also offer a range of more economical geological hammers made in India.


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