Building with Accuracy: PIE’s Construction Instruments for Successful Projects

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady

We all would have sung the ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ rhymes in childhood. But how many of us know that it isn’t just a rhyme? The rhyme has many interpretations, one of which is the historical context of the structural failures faced during the construction and maintenance of the London Bridge over the River Thames.

Engineering flaws and design errors are indiscriminate even to the experts when they don’t equip themselves with the right instruments throughout their project course. The domino effect of inaccurate measurement in the construction process can lead to structural defects, safety hazards, wasted time and money, and even environmental impact.

Understanding the fact that accuracy is the only reliability in the work life of the construction crew, PIE delivers both accurate and reliable data through its instrumentation for precision-driven decisions. Our instrumentation provides the superpower of predictive maintenance to all land surveyors, civil engineers, construction workers, inspectors, and landscape architects.

And how do we do that?

We are the authorized resellers of the world’s renowned surveying and construction instrument manufacturer, Topcon-Sokkia, Japan. Along with Sokkia, we offer the latest technology instruments from Geo-Fennel, Germany, Apogee Gnss, and LaserTech USA. In our tie-up with the industry aces, we sell only excellence.

Check out our product catalog featuring modern Sokkia instruments for unique surveying and construction measurement needs:

Sokkia Surveying Instruments

  1. Sokkia FX Series Total Stations – These manual Sokkia total stations are apt for basic surveying tasks like measuring distances, angles, and elevations for construction layout, topographic surveys, and boundaries, often distinguished for their durability, accuracy, and long-range capabilities.
  2. Sokkia iX Series Robotic Total Stations – These high-performance Sokkia robotic total stations are user-friendly. They are designed with automated target tracking and data collection, allowing a single operator to perform surveying tasks quickly and accurately.
  3. Sokkia BDC Series Digital Levels – To perform tasks like leveling foundations, establishing drainage systems, and setting floor elevations, we offer Sokkia’s automatic levels and digital levels that give accurate elevation differences between points. These levels are designed with user-friendly interfaces and digital readouts for easy, swift, and accurate leveling tasks.
  4. Theodolites – To perform specific surveying tasks like measuring slopes or establishing control points, we have Sokkia’s theodolites for the measurement of horizontal and vertical angles in an accurate manner.
  5. Digital Levels – For tasks like leveling foundations, establishing drainage systems, and setting floor elevations, we offer Sokkia’s digital levels for faster readings and reduced human errors.
  6. Reflective Targets and Accessories – We also feature a collection of Sokkia’s accessories for surveying instruments, including reflective targets for use with total stations and lasers, prisms, tripods, and carrying cases.

Geo Fennel Construction Instruments

  1. FLP 150 GREEN: A dual-beam laser plummet designed for effective vertical alignment. During the day, its bright green laser dot guarantees visibility up to 120 meters, and its lighted plate level permits adjustments in any type of light. Its lightweight design and accuracy of better than 1 mm every 1.5 meters make it a benchmark of portability and precision.
  2. Geo6-XR GREEN SP: This instrument allows precise installation, refurbishing, and maintenance activities with its three highly visible 360° green laser lines. Get the right angles for a tile installation with ease, check floor height, and assess wall and floor levelness. With its wall-mount and height-adjustable platform and pulse function for increased range, it provides accuracy and versatility.
  3. FL 190A Rotating Laser: Its instant self-leveling and various rotation speeds guarantee precise and timely completion of operations such as level shifting and excavation. With its receiver FR 45, durable carrying case, and rechargeable NiMH batteries, it’s the perfect option for professionals looking for accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Square Liner II: Perfect for floor and tiling projects, this instrument produces two 90° laser lines. Its IP 54 protection and better 3 mm accuracy per 10 meters provide reliability in every setting. It safeguards extended use because of its two AA alkaline batteries, which may run it for up to 48 hours. The magnetic target and case that are included complete the set of tools needed for alignment.

Building with accuracy is not just another catchy phrase we use. It is our purpose. The purpose is to meet the unique needs of every construction project, ensuring precision, efficiency, and success. From Total Stations to construction lasers, DGPS/GNSS systems, and more, our products are the professional’s choice around the globe.

So our bottom line is… Structural failures happen, but not when they have PIE’s backup!

From Blueprint to building a foundation!