Versine Measuring Kits

Curves are an inevitable part of railway tracks and used to bypass obstacles, and  to manage traversed gradients. Horizontal curves are used to change direction of the track and vertical curves are provided where two gradients meet or where a gradient meets level ground. One of the methods to check a curved rail alignment is to geometrically measure the parameters and determine the versines. Also known as the Hallade survey, the idea is to smoothen the versines through rectification/ realignment.

The railway track maintenance instruments and equipment – The Versine Measuring Kit is used to measure the horizontal deflection at the centre of a straight line chord of standard length stretched between two points on a circular curve of Railway Track. It finds use as part of new track laying or maintenance of curved track.


‘PIE’ Brand Versine Measuring Kit Model VK-1., consisting of a pair of versine holders, versine scale, nylon cord on winder, complete in Cordura case. It is suitable for measuring versine of Railway Curves and Horizontal alignment.


‘PIE’ brand export quality Versine Measuring Kit Model VK‑2 consisting of a pair of rail mounting brackets, Versine scale (stainless steel) with long Nylon cord on winder in padded Cordura case. The Alignment accuracy obtained by using this device is < 1 mm.