Gauges / Machines For Bogie Measurement

The railway track maintenance instruments and equipmentBogie refers to the composite structure when the coaches are fixed to the wheels. The bogie is often fixed with motors, brakes and suspensions and is subjected to high stress and shocks while running at high speed. The vehicle body and the wheel profile gauges require cushion to reduce vibration, oscillations and jerks. Thus, they require precision in manufacturing and proper maintenance during their running life.

A bogie structure consists of cast iron frames, floating bolster, mild steel spring plank, nested springs, and friction snubbers. Accurate measurement requires high precision gauges and machines that are accurate and easy to operate. Railway track maintenance instruments and equipment like Bogie Spring Sorting & Colour Coding System, Gauges for CASNUB bogies, Trammelling Gauge etc., are used to maintain checks while manufacturing and use for bogie dimension and tensile/compression measures.

Bogie Spring Sorting & Colour Coding System Model PSHS-1 (E)

‘PIE’ Brand Non – Contact type, intelligent Bogie Spring sorting, Colour coding and height measurement system, make ‘PIE’ Model PSHS – 1 (E).

Trammelling Gauge

‘PIE’ make Trammelling Gauge suitable for Casnub Bogies fitted with Vernier scale. Measuring Range: 1900 mm to 2000 mm, 2100 to 2200 mm & 3000 mm to 3100 mm. Accuracy: ±1.0 mm. Material High Grade Aluminium (6063T6), tube-size 50 mm Sq. Stainless Steel scale with hardened pointer. Supplied in light weight, nicely finished wooden storing […]