Total Station Accessories

A compact instrument that usually weighs between 50 – 55 N consists of an EDM which is a distance measuring instrument, a Theodolite – an angle measuring instrument, as well as a microprocessor. The total station accessories are as follows:

  • A tripod to hold the total station
  • An electronic notebook to record, run complex calculations, and even manipulate the data, whenever required.
  • Prism and prism pole that is used measure lengths from 2kms, up to 6-7kms in case of a triple prism.
  • Battery

The prime advantage of using a Total station is that it helps save a lot of time on the field. It comprehends and supports most local languages. Setting up the total station instrument on the tripod is effortless and hence, quick. The accuracy of its measurements is significantly higher as compared to other conventional surveying instruments.

Mini Prism – High Precise Sokkia Type 1.5 inch dia.

Sokkia Style Mini Prism (1.5 inch dia), multipurpose usage of 0/-30 mm, fit with 5/8″ Prism Pole and 9 mm dia (standard) poles, Silver coated prism having 1.5 inch dia (Approx 35 mm), Twist lock and full sliding type.

Tribrach & Adapter Set (Traversing Kit)

Traversing Kits are used for precise setups and traversing applications – set includes High Precise Tribrach without Optical Plummet, Adapter with Optical Plummet, Prism Set with Holder and Target Plate and PVC box for Prism, Adapter and Tribrach.