Total Station (Robotic)

A robotic total station can be operated either from a distance, or remotely. This is because only one operator is required in the field, instead of the traditional team of surveyor and assistant.

Previously, the conventional total station required site workers to physically turn the total stations vertically and horizontally to sight them, position, observe or set out. However, now, through automation, the Robotic Total Stations follow a tracking a prism held by the surveyor at the pole end, increasing onsite productivity.

Using the robotic total station, some workflows have already seen a 50% increase in productivity. This is because,initially, the professionals used an auto level for observations and then manually plotted the points and calculated heights. Today, robotic total stations can easily calculate coordinate values and heights for all those points almost instantly.

Sokkia Robotic Total Station, Model iX-600/iX-1200

Sokkia iX Series Robotic Total Station, Model iX-1200 and iX-600, intelligence X-ellence Station iX Series.

World’s Smallest Robotic Total Station and World’s Fastest Robotic Total Station