Track Geometry Trolleys

Safety of rail functioning is dependent on accuracy in railway track geometry trolleys. In high speed railways, smoothness of railway track determines railway operating safety and passenger comfort to a great extent.

Thus monitoring of track parameters is of primary importance. Track geometry trolleys are the most economical and quick method  to record track parameters like Gauge, Twist, Super Elevation, Horizontal/Lateral versine.

The track geometry trolleys allow for a detailed diagnosis of the track condition and are the basis for maintenance This guarantees long-term economy and reliability of the railway track infrastructure and all rolling stock.This solution enables measurement of wear and defects enabling necessary defect removal at appropriate time.

KZV Krab Heavy Weight Railway Track Geometry Trolley, Model 84.09

Krab 84.09 Track Geometry measuring trolley has been presented on a railway market for many years. Its robust construction and average weight of 67 kg makes it perfect for hand-pushed measuring as well as for occasional coupling with a railway vehicle. Approved by DB/NETZE

KZV Krab Railway Track Geometry Trolley, Model S-Light

Krab S-light Track Geometry Trolley is designed with a focus on low weight and easy operation. The measurement speed is limited to approximately 15km/h. The trolley weights around 30kg, only one operator is capable of taking it away from the track.

Measures almost all Rail Track Parameters.

KZV Rail Corrugation Measuring Trolley, Model GEKON

GEKON is a measuring equipment designed for contactless corrugation measuring of both vignol and grooved rails. GEKON can be used for evaluation of railhead surface microgeometry evaluation.