OHE Measurement

A simple polygonal type of overhead equipment that comprises a catenary wire of Cadmium Copper and a hard drawn grooved copper contact wire suspended from the Catenary via copper dropper wire spaced apart.

The railway track maintenance instruments and equipment OHE is supported by a swiveling type Cantilever bracket assembly. A tension is given in each conductor – Catenary and Contact wire. This tension is kept constant, automatically compensating the variations in conductor length due to change in temperature through the regulating equipment erected at the termination of conductors, also known as Automatic Tensioning Device.

In a nutshell, railway track maintenance instruments and equipment OHE is a system of conductors / equipment carrying traction power from traction substation to electric locomotive. To separate OHE of two adjoining feed posts, A short neutral section (PTFE) type is provided opposite the Traction SubStation to avoid the need of lowering the pantograph during extended feed conditions.