Electronic Theodolites

Electronic theodolites function in a manner that is very similar to the optical theodolites and the vernier transit. After the backsight has been set, they have zero-set buttons for rapid instrument orientation. Horizontal angles can be turned right and left, and repeat -angle averaging is available on a few models.

A very unique characteristic of the electronic theodolites is that they have the ability to electronically be interfaced to data collectors and computer devices, allowing an instant, error-free field data transfer to the computer.

In the earlier models of electronic theodolites, absolute methods were used for reading angles. They essentially were optical coincidence instruments, with photoelectric sensors being leveraged to read and scan the circles.

In a nutshell, electronic theodolites consist of a telescope mounted on a base, an electronic readout screen to display vertical and horizontal angles. These are convenient as this creates more accurate readings.

Sokkia Electronic Theodolites, DT-50 Series

Sokkia Electronic Theodolite Model DT50 Series is a lightweight, latest and compact Instrument. Alignment and angular measurement device which boasts up to 30 work days of power with the rechargeable battery; the highest water and dust protection in its category; and convenient, high-precision laser guidance.