Faster and Accurate Wheel Inspection: Guaranteed Railway Safety with LPM-5 Laser Wheel Profilometer

Wheels, though seemingly unimportant to a layman, are critical in guiding the train along the rails.

Maintaining the wheels’ health (quality, profile, and metallurgy) is as significant as keeping the train on track. When the wheels are in good condition, the train is good to go. Literally!

How’s that possible? The answer is PIE’s LPM-5 laser wheel profilometer for non-contact and fast wheel profile measurements! PIEs’ LPM-5 laser wheel profilometer helps wheel inspectors do their work with ease and accurately on all their inspections.

The Laser Wheel Profilometer Model LPM-5 is a top-notch solution designed to perfectly fit the standards of the railway industry by giving accurate inspections in no time. It is instrumental in testing rail wheel profiles directly on rolling stock without the need for wheelset roll-out. An outstanding property of this tool is that it is made specifically for quick and easy inspections and helps identify potential problems early on, allowing maintenance to be scheduled before failures occur.

Let’s shine a light on this groundbreaking solution for more info.

Tool Specifications

  1. The LPM-5 incorporates cutting-edge laser scanning technology to measure wheel profiles, including parameters like flange wear, root wear, tread wear, flange height, qR, and more, in an accurate and faster manner.
  2. Having a remarkable resolution of 0.01 mm and an accuracy of better than 0.1 mm, LPM-5 ensures precise results that comply with industry standards.

Key Features & Functions

  1. Advanced Laser Scanning: The LPM-5 features non-contact laser scanning, wiping out the need for physical contact with the wheel tread.
  2. Comprehensive Measurement: Enables thorough assessment and maintenance planning from flange thickness to tread hollow and provides a comprehensive analysis of wheel profiles.
  3. Robust Construction: Built in stainless steel and aluminum, the LPM-5 is designed to withstand harsh railway environments. Its military-grade rugged tablet and rechargeable battery ensure durability and longevity in the field.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Comes with a ruggedized Android tablet, the mobile application allows for intuitive data visualization, parameter analysis, and data logging. The user-friendly interface supports both English and Hindi languages, catering to diverse user preferences.
  5. Data Collection: The reflected laser light is captured by a sensor, generating precise data points representing the wheel’s profile.
  6. Digital Profile Creation: The collected data points are used to create a digital representation of the wheel’s complete profile.
  7. Analysis and Reporting: The accompanying Android app analyzes the digital profile and compares it to pre-defined standards for various parameters like flange height, thickness, and wear.
  8. Alerts and Notifications: If the app detects any deviations from the standards, it can alert the inspector visually and even send SMS notifications to supervisors for further action.

We have two models for you! Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

The LPM-5 Series

  1. LPM-5A (Advanced Version): Supplied with a MIL Grade Ruggedized Tablet, pre-loaded software for data acquisition and analysis, and a calibration checking template.
  2. LPM-5B (Standard Version): Includes a rugged Android phone with preloaded software for data acquisition and analysis, ideal for users seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

Train wheels need proper attention to have a safe railway journey. PIE’s LPM-5 laser wheel profilometer is a trusted confidant of the railway inspection crew, and our experts guarantee it.

Keeping Railways on Track. Always.