Making with Accuracy Since 1959: PIE’s Measurement Solutions for Railway & Construction Industry

It has been a long journey since 1959, and the longer the journey, the more refined and reliable we are to the clients who trust in us. Now, without much ado, let us break down the two questions: Who are we? What exactly do we do?

We are Paragon Instrumentation Engineers

Paragon Instrumentation Engineers (PIE) serve the railway and construction industries meticulously, and our mantle of accuracy has been ON since the beginning. As a global pioneer in designing, manufacturing, and distributing measuring instruments, if we cannot promise accuracy, then who else?

PIE has a skilled and high-performing team of engineers who champion innovative solutions for every dynamic requirement. Their efficiency pushed us forward, and today, PIE has a record of playing a key role in large-scale infrastructure projects worldwide.

Railway Measurement Instruments

At PIE, we have taken the expression “have a safe journey” seriously. Our railway track maintenance equipment ensures the safety and efficiency of train operations 100%. Our tech-powered and laser technologies equip the railway industry to monitor with an eagle eye for precise measurement to render a smooth journey.

An Abridged List of Railway Measurement Instruments at PIE

Wheel Diameter Gauges Track Gauge Cum Levels
Wheel Wear Measuring Gauges Crossings & Frog Wear Gauges
Wheel back to back Gauge/Wheel Distance Gauges Track Geometry Trolleys
Laser wheel profilometers Rail Inclination Measurement
Gauges/Machines for Bogie Measurement Rail Thermometers
Wheel Callipers Rail Wear Gauges
Gauges for Concrete Sleeper Measurement Permanent Way Measuring Kits
Height & Stagger Measurement Gauge Versine Measuring Kits
OHE Measurement Gauges Rail Welding Straight Edges
Buffer / CBC Height Gauges Points & Crossing (Frog) Measurement Gauges
Rail Corrugation Measurement Gauges Rail Chamfering Equipment
Rail Profile Gauges Rail & Crossing Crack Determination Equipment

Surveying & Construction Instruments

A successful construction project is our ideal deal. PIE has tie-ups with top survey instrumentation industry leaders like Topcon Sokkia in Japan and Geo Fennel in Germany to give complete measurement coverage from conception to completion. The tools we provide are the best friends of engineers and contractors, ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Constructing buildings, bridges, and roads is not as easy as pie, but PIE’s surveying measuring tools guarantee high-quality delivery and a flawless journey for the whole construction crew.

List of Surveying and Construction Instruments at PIE

Total Stations (Conventional) Total Station (Robotic) Electronic Theodolites Automatic Levels
Construction Lasers DGPS / GNSS Receivers Total Station Accessories Laser Offset Mapping
Laser Plummets Mapping GPS Systems Leveling Staves Horizontal Levelling Lasers
Plumbing Lasers Sag Measuring Solutions Geological Compasses/Clar Compasses Laser Rangefinders

Making with Accuracy

The secret code to our accuracy is our high quality products. At PIE, we believe that we don’t just sell our railway measurement, surveying, and construction instrumentation to government agencies, institutions, engineering firms, railway contractors, or subcontractors; we help them shape the infrastructure of entire communities. With our high-quality instruments, we actually avoid tiny errors that could pose safety hazards like derailment or accidents and avoid reworks due to errors, saving time and money. The greatest purpose of being held responsible for global economic and social well-being makes us strive to deliver nothing short of excellence.

We are Highly customizable

Yes. Our solutions are customizable.

We innovate when we customize. We are not new to the off-the-shelf requirements of railway measurement, surveying, and construction instruments. Every project is unique and has its own specific needs. By understanding this core, we give compatible partnerships to our clients with tools and instruments tailored to meet their railway and construction projects, enabling contractors and engineers to have a more accurate and efficient workflow.

PIE’s Rock Solid Progress Since 1969

This is our story of the past six decades.

At PIE, we don’t just measure dimensions; we measure possibilities. With our steady commitment and engineering excellence, we have been shaping the global infrastructure in the past, the present, and will in the future.

Yes. We are the Paragon Instrumentation Engineers!

Keeping Railways on Track. Always.