This range of automatic levels from PIE is designed for anyone looking for a robust and reliable builder’s level at an affordable price. These levels are useful for general building applications through to precision leveling for surveying and engineering projects.


  • Magnet damped compensator for precision and reliability.
  • Robust all metal housing for protection against damage.
  • Bubble reading prism at eye level for convenient checking.
  • Bright red finish provides excellent on-site visibility.
  • IP 66 protection against splash & dust.
  • Minimum focusing distance is just 1 feet.


Each Level comes complete with case, plumb bob, tools & manual. A variety of tripods and shaves are also available.

ParametersNL 24NL 32
Levelling accuracy2 mm1.0 mm
Telescope Magnification24X32X
Objective Aperture36 mm32X
Field of view1.5o1.5o
Working range of compensator+ 15′+ 15′
Setting accuracy0.5″0.3″
Circular level sensitivity8’/2 mm8’/2 mm
Circular level sensitivity8’/2 mm8’/2 mm
Horizontal Circle360o360o
Minimum division1″1″
Weight1.8 kg1.8 kg