Laser Plummets

Heavily used in industry installations, and construction, distortion observations and engineering inspections, as well as various other engineering and surveying worksites. During construction, Laser plummets transfer points of reference, on large construction sites, in particular, with tall buildings, tunnelling and areas where accurate vertical alignment is critical.

The visible infrared radiation or a monochromatic beam of light that provides a number of reference points for aligning the instrument. Laser plummets are designed with accuracy and are ideal for mining or larger construction jobs and for the construction of vertical lift shafts.

ProShot USA Laser Plummet Model Alpha V

When accuracy is critical, the Alpha-V is the laser you can rely on.  Starting with the highly reliable Alpha chassis, our engineering team hand builds and tests this specialty laser to exacting standards.  The results an instrument that will consistently perform to high tolerances, under real world jobsite conditions.