GeoFennel Germany, Laser Plummet Model FLP-100

A precise laser plummet incorporating a coaxial telescope for both laser and optical observations.


  • Easy to use with two laser plummets (up and down)
  • Laser dot visible up to ≥ 120 m
  • High accuracy for precision work
Dust / water protection:IP 54
Max. visible distance:≥ 120 m (day), ≥ 250 m (night)
Operation temperature:-10 °C to +50 °C
Weight:2,8 kg
Plate level:20″ / 2 mm
Accuracy:± 1 mm / 1.5 m (floor), ± 2,5 mm / 100 m (above)
Deviation to optical axis:≤ 3″
Spot size Ø:3 mm / 80 m (above)
Power supply:2 x AA Alkaline
Laser wave length:350 nm (floor), 635 nm (top)
Laser class:1 (floor), 2M (top)
Telescope magnification:26 x
Shortest focussing distance:0,4 m
Objective diameter:36 mm