GeoFennel Germany, Laser Plummet Model FLP-100

A precise laser plummet incorporating a coaxial telescope for both laser and optical observations.


  • Easy to use with two laser plummets (up and down)
  • Laser dot visible up to ≥ 120 m
  • High accuracy for precision work
Dust / water protection:IP 54
Max. visible distance:≥ 120 m (day), ≥ 250 m (night)
Operation temperature:-10 °C to +50 °C
Weight:2,8 kg
Plate level:20″ / 2 mm
Accuracy:± 1 mm / 1.5 m (floor), ± 2,5 mm / 100 m (above)
Deviation to optical axis:≤ 3″
Spot size Ø:3 mm / 80 m (above)
Power supply:2 x AA Alkaline
Laser wave length:350 nm (floor), 635 nm (top)
Laser class:1 (floor), 2M (top)
Telescope magnification:26 x
Shortest focussing distance:0,4 m
Objective diameter:36 mm

ProShot USA Laser Plummet Model Alpha V

When accuracy is critical, the Alpha-V is the laser you can rely on.  Starting with the highly reliable Alpha chassis, our engineering team hand builds and tests this specialty laser to exacting standards. 

The results an instrument that will consistently perform to high tolerances, under real world jobsite conditions.

Measurement range upto100 meters (330 ft)
Measurement range down5 meters (16 feet)
Beam accuracy up/down+ 5 arc sec / + 1 arc min
Self-Levelling range / type+4 Degrees/ Servo meter
Up beam spot dia (nom.)Exit 9.5 mm/ 100 M: 12 mm
Exit 3/8 in/ 330ft : 7/16 in
Down beam spot dia (nom.)Exit 3.0 mm/ 5M: 4.8mm
Exit 1/8 in/ 16ft : 3/16 in
Power supplyFour C-Cell Alkaline Batteries
Run time : down beam on65 hrs
Automatic Shut-OffIf off-level longer than 3 min
Dust and water sealedTo International std. IP56
Operating Temperature-10 deg C to +50 deg C
Laser TypeDiode: 635nM high visibility
Laser output power (Typ)Up 2.25 mW/ Down : 2.25 mW
Laser ClassificationClass 3A/IEC 825-1 Class 3R
Height / Weight6.5 in (16.5cm)/ 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg)