Trammelling Gauge

‘PIE’ make Trammelling Gauge suitable for Casnub Bogies fitted with Vernier scale. Measuring Range: 1900 mm to 2000 mm, 2100 to 2200 mm & 3000 mm to 3100 mm. Accuracy: ±1.0 mm. Material High Grade Aluminium (6063T6), tube-size 50 mm Sq. Stainless Steel scale with hardened pointer. Supplied in light weight, nicely finished wooden storing & transportation box.

Bogie Spring Sorting & Colour Coding System Model PSHS-1 (E)

‘PIE’ Brand Non – Contact type, intelligent Bogie Spring sorting, Colour coding and height measurement system, make ‘PIE’ Model PSHS – 1 (E).


  • Automatically sorts different types of springs (Outer / Inner / spring).
  • Displays their free height (accuracy +0.5mm).
  • Displays appropriate Color Code / Group on LCD Screen.
  • Measurement process takes less than two seconds (after spring placement).
  • Robust PC based (DELL/HP/LENOVO)

User just needs to identify whether the Spring is new or used and rest the system take care automatically.