Automatic Levels

Sokkia Auto Level�B - 40A, B-30, B-20 and our Auto Levels are designed to meet the requirements of civil engineers, surveyors and mining engineers for high grade instruments giving a maximum portability. Our range of automatic levels is streamlined and very compact. These are lightweight for easy transport. The telescope, which is completely waterproof, functions effectively even in all kinds of wet surveying operations. These products are available in different models.

The main features include:

B-Series features include:

  • Three magnification models: B20 - 32x, B30A - 28x, B40A - 24x
  • Precise, field-proven compensator
  • Horizontal angle measurement
  • Superior telescope with two-speed focus knob
  • Quick collimation with two horizontal motion knobs
  • Simple set-up
  • Easy adjustability

Full Specification

Magnification B20(32x), B30A(28x), B40A(24x)
Accuracy (without micrometer) .7mm(B20), 1.5mm(B30A), 2mm(B40A) Standard deviation for 1km double run leveling
Accuracy (with micrometer) .5mm(B20) Standard deviation for 1km double run leveling
Compensator Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Dust/Water Protectionc IPX6
Operating Temperature -20 to +50�C (-4 to +122�F)
Size W130 x D215 x H140mm (W5.12 x D8.46 x H5.51in)
Weight B20 = 1.85kg (4.1lb) / B30A & B40A = 1.7kg (3.7lb)
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This range of automatic levels from PIE is designed for anyone looking for a robust and reliable builder's level at an affordable price. These levels are useful for general building applications through to precision leveling for surveying and engineering projects.


    • Magnet damped compensator for precision and reliability.
    • Robust all metal housing for protection against damage.
    • Bubble reading prism at eye level for convenient checking.
    • Bright red finish provides excellent on-site visibility.
    • IP 66 protection against splash & dust.
    • Minimum focusing distance is just 1 feet.


    Each Level comes complete with case, plumb bob, tools & manual. A variety of tripods and shaves are also available.

    Parameters NL 24 NL 32
    Levelling accuracy 2 mm 1.0 mm
    Telescope Magnification 24X 32X
    Objective Aperture 36 mm 32X
    Field of view 1.5o 1.5o
    Working range of compensator + 15' + 15'
    Setting accuracy 0.5" 0.3"
    Circular level sensitivity 8'/2 mm 8'/2 mm
    Circular level sensitivity 8'/2 mm 8'/2 mm
    Horizontal Circle 360o 360o
    Minimum division 1" 1"
    Weight 1.8 kg 1.8 kg
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    The SDL30/SDL50 is an accurate, dependable digital level that combines user-friendly convenience with unprecedented cost performance. Used with Sokkia's unique RAB-Code (Random Bi-directional Code) staff, measurement capabilities are greatly improved.
    All the user has to do is aim the staff, adjust the focus, and then with a single touch of a key the SDL30/SDL50 accurately measures height and distance. The results are indicated digitally on an LCD display to make all kinds of leveling work performed quickly and easily.


    High-Speed�Measurement:�Aim, focus and press a key. Height and distance asre simultaneously measured in 2.5 seconds, 20% faster than ordinary digital levels.
    Consistent Performance:� ADL30/SDL50 provides superior measurement capability under variety of environment conditions. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or brightness at staff surface is as low as 20 lux*, SDL30/SDL50 consistently provides reliable measurement results without downtime.*20 lux is the minimum brightness required to recognize human face.
    Automatic Recognition of Inverted Staff:� SDL30/SDL50 automatically recognizes directions of RAB-Code staffs and displays the results with a minus sign (-) when the staff is inverted.
    Wave-and-Read Technology:� Innovative "Wave-and-Read" technology provides an additional survey style option. SDL30/SDL50 tracks the RAB-Code staff waved back and forth to read the correct height. The least value of the staff readings is automatically detected.
    Height Accuracy:
    SDL30: 0.4mm (BIS30A - Super-Invar) / 0.6mm (BIS20/30-Invar) / 1.0mm (BGS-Fiberglass)
    SDL50: 0.6mm (BIS30A - Super-Invar) / 0.8mm (BIS20/30-Invar) / 1.5mm (BGS-Fiberglass)

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