GeoFennel Automatic Level, Model GFN-10

  • 32 x magnification and bright optics
  • Robust all-metal housing
  • Wedge-shaped reticle
  • Internal circle and compensator test button
  • Handle for comfortable handling


  • Robust metal housing with handle for comfortable handling
  • Reticle in wedge-shape for most accurate reading
  • Well protected internal circle
  • Compensator test button
  • Bubble reading mirror
Dust / water protection:IP 65
Telescope magnification:32 x
Working range of compensator:± 15′
Levelling accuracy:± 0,3″
Circular bubble:8′ / 2 mm
Mean error 1 km double levelling:± 1,0 mm
Objective diameter:40 mm
Shortest focussing distance:0,6 m
Weight (instrument only):1,6 kg
Horizontal circle:400 gon/360 Degree

GeoFennel Auto Level, Model GFE32

GeoFennel Auto Level, Model GFE-32 is 32X Highly precise Automatic Level. This is the German Engineering at an afffordable prices.

Dust / water protection:IP 54
Mean error 1 km double levelling:± 2 mm
Telescope magnification:32 x
Working range of compensator:± 15′
Circular bubble:8′ / 2 mm
Objective diameter:45 mm
Field of view:
Shortest focussing distance:2 m
Double run levelling using index reference makers:< 1 mm
Multiplication constant:100
Levelling accuracy:2”
Horizontal circle:360°
Weight:2,5 kg
Extended size:280 x 160 x 140 mm
Temperature range:-25 °C to +50 °C

Sokkia Automatic Level, Model B-20/B-40A/B30A

A high quality Engineers’ automatic levels with the most robust compensator available on the market. Brilliant optical system for clear view at all conditions.

The Sokkia B40A /B-30A/B-20 automatic level incorporates field-proven precise and reliable compensator for accuracy you can rely upon. The optimally designed telescope provides exceptionally bright and sharp view that reduces operator’s eyestrain. Quick collimation and horizontal angle measurement combine for fast and easy aiming of layout and alignment tasks.