‘PIE’ make Wheel Profile Gauge Model WPG-1 for intermediate worn wheel profile for coaching stock as per RDSO Sketch No. 92082 made of hardened Stainless Steel. The set consisting of followings: –

  1. 22 mm thick flange.
  2. 25 mm thick flange.
  3. 26 mm thick flange.
  4. 27 mm thick flange.
  5. 28 mm thick flange.


‘PIE’ Laser Wheel Profilometer Model LPM-5 (Advanced Version) designed specifically to work as per Indian Railway Standards. The profilometer measures wheel profile very quickly by laser scanning without any contact with the wheel tread. The accompanying Android app displays the profile, wheel wear parameters and logs data.

Any exceedances from standard limits are highlighted and can be reported to user by SMS service. The application supports both Hindi and English.

The supply configuration includes handheld laser scanning hardware, ruggedized handheld Android tablet, and calibration checking template and a padded PVC carrying box for all of these.

Main Specifications of LPM-5: –

Measured & Displayed Parameter Flange Wear, Root Wear, Tread Wear, Flange Height, Flange Thickness, Flange Slope, qR, and Hollow tyre.      
Indian Railway Profiles Supported     RDSO 2561, RDSO 91146, RDSO 92082  (28,27,26 & 25)
Least Count0.1 mm/0.01 mm
Accuracy [all parameters]± 0.1 mm (0.2mmqR)
DisplayOn provided ruggedized android device.
Android Device Screen Size     7” or more.
Android Device RatingMilitary grade rugged tablet.
Operating Temp-20º to +50° Centigrade
InterfaceUSB / Bluetooth
Operating SystemAndroid 8 or higher.
Battery & ChargerIn-built rechargeable battery provided in all hardware along with chargers.
SMS Generating Facility                       Yes, available
Languages Supported                           English/Hindi
Calibration Checking TemplateYes Provided


‘PIE’ Brand Wheel Tread Wear Measuring Recorder Model TWR-1 for giving accurate Wheel Tread Profile of Carriage, Wagon & locos wheels in full scale without error, so that exact state of profile can be observed easily. The gauge is provided with an attachment to facilitate exact repeated mounting of the instrument, so that repeat record of the same tread is reproduced with accuracy. The instrument can be easily mounted and dismounted on the wheel. By moving stylus (pointer) on the wheel tread, an exact Profile of the tread is reproduced on the tracing paper mounted on the tracing plate. Supplied with Tracing and Graph sheet pads and nicely finished wooden storing & transportation box with carry handle, lock & key.

Special Features of TWR-1: –

  1. Easy to fit.
  2. Gives accurate Profiles.
  3. Light in weight.
  4. The tracer is a simple ball pointer pen.
  5. The stylus provides neat recording of the figures in full scale without error.