‘PIE’ Brand Export Quality PWI Tool Kit Model TK‑2, consisting of 28 items to assist the user in measurement of track parameters with ease.

‘PIE’ Brand Export Quality PWI Tool Kit Model TK‑ 2, consisting of following items: –

  1. Clearance Gauge B.G.
  2. Clearance Gauge S.G.
  3. Shim Feeler Gauge.
  4. Stepped Feeler Gauge.
  5. Tapered Gauge.
  6. Gap Gauge.
  7. Rail thermometer Model MF.MBT.A.
  8. Pair of versine holder.
  9. Versine scale.
  10. Nylon cord on winder.
  11. Magnifying Glass 3″.
  12. Adjustable Mirror for checking cracks.
  13. Vertical Wear Measuring Gauge Model VWG‑1.
  14. Steel scale 12″/300 mm.
  15. Outside caliper 150 mm.
  16. Inside caliper 150 mm.
  17. Spirit Level Model SL-2.
  18. White clad pocket steel tape 3 meters long.
  19. White clad pocket Steel tape 20 meters.
  20. Straight edge 10 cm.
  21. Pocket torch.
  22. Cant Board.
  23. Data book with pen.
  24. Calculator (Mathematical).
  25. Rail profile plotting curve.
  26. Track Square.
  27. Glass Fiber Safari well padded box with Lock & Key arrangement provided with well cushioned Double Decker system to avoid Loss & damage of instruments
  28. One Folding Track Gauge, Model STF-1 with inbuilt Spirit Level supplied in separate case/box.