Rail temperature measuring device Model RailTemp

Rail temperature measuring device Model RailTemp GSM/SMS with GSM based data forwarding unit. The continuous rail temperature measurement is important by monitoring of the CWR rail tracks. The RailTemp GSM rail temperature measuring device consists of a temperature gauge (which can be fixed on the rail by screws) and central unit which can be found maximum 10 meter from the temperature gauge.

The device has its own phone number that can be dialled by 6 pre-set phone numbers and then the device will send in answer SMS the actual rail temperature data.

Technical Data: –

Measuring Range:-40ºC to +80ºC
Resolution:± 0.1ºC
Accuracy:± 1ºC
Memory:6 phone numbers
Sampling time:From 1 minute to 24 hours – programmable
Programmable alarm values:1 alarm per 12 hours – reset is available
Supply:12V main supply adapter
Operational temperature:-40ºC to +80ºC


‘PIE’ Make Digital Rail Temperature Measuring Device (with Max – Min facility) Model PRT-01. The device measures rail temperature by placing it on the web of rail which is Railway’s recommended practice. It shows the actual temperature of the rail. The PRT-01 device is capable of storing the minimum and maximum temperatures in the measuring range during the measurement.


Measuring Range:-30ºC to +70ºC
Least Count:0.1ºC
Accuracy:+0.5ºC between -20ºC to +25ºC, else 1ºC
Display:3 Digit 15 mm LCD
Power Supply:1 piece 3V CR2032 battery


‘PIE’ Brand Continuous Rail Thermometer Model CRT-1, generally confirming to RDSO specification but improved. The Thermometer records rail temperature for up to 9 months on an hourly basis.

It consists of the following: –

1. Recorder with enclosure01 No.
2. Sensor with 16 ft. cable01 No.
3. Software (Window based) with computer cable01 No.
4. Mounting kits (Tools used for deploying CRT-1)01 No.
5. Instruction manual (English)01 No.
6. Carrying case to keep all of the above items01 No.

Technical Specification: –

  1. Measuring Range                                                     :  0 to 85°C.
  2. Measuring Accuracy                                                 :  + 1°C.
  3. Resolution                                                                 : 0.1ºC
  4. Memory: 9 months (Non Volatile memory record Rail temperature).
  5. Input/Backup: CRT-1 operates on inexpensive Two AA batteries, which runs it for 12 months also gives backup as such no separate backup battery is required or connection to AC source.

Software System Requirements: –

Windows 2000 or higher, pcb having USB port.

Battery Level indication      : Yes, Displayed at launch.

Recorder enclosure             : Dust & Water resistant (IP66).

Features: –

  • Records rail temperature for up to 9 months on an hourly basis.
  • Computer compatible recorder does away with changing charts/ink ass in strip chart recorders.
  • Provided software generates charts, gives maximum/minimum temperature and helps analyses results faster.