Rail Welding Straight Edges

Welding is used to often join rail ends together by the application of heat and thus eliminate uneven rail joints. There are four welding methods used on railways –

  • Gas pressure welding
  • Electric arc or metal arc welding
  • Flash butt welding
  • Thermit welding

The railway track maintenance instruments and equipment ensure durability and acceptability for use is the straightness. One of the prescribed tests is checking for the  straight-edge. Once a weld is in use after inspection,  it is equivalent to plain rail by and critical for safety and comfort.

The Rail Welding Straight Edge is used by inspector to check alignment of rail sections before of after the welding/ grinding process.


‘PIE’ Brand Export Quality Rail Welding Straight Edge with grade 1 accuracy as per IS-2220-1990 for checking flatness and measuring evenness of welded rails.